About Us

Who we are

WCC Sheet Metal Works started out as a small waterjet company in October 2009 being formerly known as
Waterjet Cutting Center. At that time our main focus was just to provide waterjet cutting services to customers who needed materials cut being the first to operate a waterjet machine in the Philippines. As the years past, the company grew and so did our customer's demand for more in-house services. Waterjet Cutting Center was then formerly retired and the new company name Wcc Sheet Metal Works was established.

As the company evolved and gain more experience in the sheet metal business, we became more confident in our abilities to provide quality services and accept more difficult jobs that our customers ask from us to do. We took our confidence in stride and added more capabilities to our sheet metal business, this prompt us to invest more in the latest sheet metal machines.

Our Philosophy

" We Cut Anything You Can Imagine! "

Our Vision

WCC Sheet Metal Works, a company born of curiosity and interest in machines. The vision to be in the forefront of innovation, to be the first and the best in our field, to push forward to the next generation and to attain recognition in our country. We will continue to improve and evolve as the company grows and makes a mark in our industry.